Thursday, March 4, 2010


My family, which includes my fur babies, is what makes me who I am. On Tuesday, I lost a member of my family - my sweet little kitty named Lucy. I wont' go into detail, but will just say that as far as we know, she was battling cancer. It is never nice to see a loved one waste away, and the helplessness you feel that you can't make it stop. We sent her in on Monday for more tests to try and find if there was anything more that we could do for her. It must have been too much for her little body as the following morning, she passed away in my arms.

I awoke yesterday with such a feeling of emptiness knowing that when I went downstairs she would be gone. The weather outside mimicked how I was feeling; like I was stuck in a thick, thick fog. I grabbed my camera and went for a walk with my son on our favourite trail. We took a break at the lookout point and we talked about Lucy. He doesn't seem to be angry that she's not here anymore (I was worried that he'd think I did something that took her away) but he does understand that what has happened is very sad and that I'm sad.
Rest in Peace sweet Lucy beneath the foxgloves and sweet woodruff. I love you more than words can express and miss with you with a deep, aching heart.

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