Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adams Road

When we first decided to build on Adams Road, I have to admit, I was a little disappointed. Adams is located in the centre of the island and is the main road to get from the cove to the western points of Bowen. It's a busy street as far as island roads are concerned, and does not boast the ocean views as many other areas on the island do. Of course, with that being said, the price tag for those 'view' lots are probably more than our property and house combined and for our budget, Adams Road was a perfect fit.
Now that we have been in our new home for a little over a year, I am very happy to say, that I have discovered many lovely little hidden secrets on this road of ours. First off, almost every home along 'the ridge' has kids...lots and lots of kids. Secondly, there is an old logging road that runs behind the houses, that, hopefully, when Logan is older, will be a way of travel to and from his friends without having to navigate the main road. And third, we have discovered some great trail networks, that most islanders are not aware of, directly across the street from our house. And as if that isn't great enough, there is a small farm that has chickens, sheep, a donkey and a horse and a tiny bit further is another sheep farm and llamas!! This road of ours is definitely shaping up.
There's a gorgeous creek that runs through the trail with three bridges that cross at different sections. One area has a 'sandy' bank that we call our Forest Beach.
Image on left: salmon berry blooms. Spring is on it's way!

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