Saturday, October 23, 2010

Monkey Business

I'm probably totally crazy for deciding to take this on, but, who knows when I'll have the chance to participate again in a craft fair. The christmas craft fair on Bowen is HUGE! It's a one day event with about a 100 vendors (just a guess). Last year, my table was not in the best location so this year, I made sure to have prime real estate. Last year, a lot of people recognized me from previous summer markets, when I would make and sell sock monkeys (I'm officially known as the sock monkey lady over here - could be worse), and were disappointed that I had dropped off the monkey making wagon. So, seeing as my time is tight with other deadlines, I have decided to focus on monkey making once again, and have a pretty good start on the assembly line. If time permits, I may try to add some pinafore dresses, journals and christmas cards.


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