Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bowen Island Market

Exciting news alert - the Bowen Island Market is back this year and is going to be the best it has ever been! A group of fellow crafters, farmers and foodies got together last week, to brainstorm how to bring back the market and bring in the crowds that it so deserves. The market had started to get a little stale this past year or so with many long time crafty islanders moving off, or being fortunate enough for their 'hobby' to turn into a full time job, or (like my selfish self) going off and having babies. There's a lot of new talents over here, and we're making it our business to set forth and seek them don't be shy!!

This year, we have three little rules: MAKE IT . BAKE IT . GROW IT

The last year that I was part of the market was in 2006. Here's some pictures of our table (me and my crafty friend, Karen of Bluebelle).

There is going to be a blog, promotional mailouts and some other fun tidbits to get this market started. So stay tuned...

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