Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Island

Sometimes living on an island can be great and sometimes a burden. On Friday, I had a dentist appointment in town, and as usual, tried to accomplish a million and one things in a short time frame. My husband called at 5:00 to let me know that the ferries were crazy - ahhhhh welcome summer! And of course, the question that seems to run through my head every now and again..."Why do I live on a big rock surrounded by water?!?" ARGH!!

Feeling this angst linger all day Saturday and again Sunday morning, we decided to get out of the house and go for a drive to Mt Gardener Dock and look what we stumbled upon.

Every year, a local diver named Adam, dives off the shores of our island, and brings to the surface many beautiful creatures for us to learn about, touch, hold and study. Watching Logan carefully pick up each starfish, feel the slimy texture of the sea cucumber and being adamant that we stay until the very end, to make sure all the creatures got back to their families safely, was a gentle reminder as to why we have chosen to raise our son in this environment.

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