Monday, June 21, 2010

Marine Treasures

A couple weeks ago, I came across a posting on the Bowen Forum for a free rowboat. Our beautiful boat has been dry-docked for the last year or so, as moorage over here is way too expensive, as well, with all the things to do on our house, we weren't giving the boat the time and attention it needed. We've been looking for something little that we can tow behind our truck and just scoot around Indian Arm, Bowen or maybe even Pitt Lake.

For most people the free boat would look like a not so free trip to the dump yard...unless, of course, you're Geoff. He has spent the last two weekends fibre glassing, sanding, repairing the back end, painting the underside, re-configuring/welding our trailer into a boat trailer and purchasing a little motor to mount to the back. This work would have cost the average joe more than the boat is worth, however, having a handy husband certainly pays off in these situations as we're only into it by $300.00. Not bad, considering it will be a lovely sky blue with deep red pin striping around the bottom, oiled teak benches and shiny white interior once it's all finished. Will post pictures soon!

Well, that rather large introduction, brings me to the fun little find I had this weekend. While looking for parts for the boat at a second hand marine store, I stumbled upon a bin filled with used floats. I know...big deal right?!? I'm guessing they were used for crab traps, hence the bright paint, and each one has the licensing numbers etched into the foam. The weathered paint adds an amazing depth and texture, as well, the carved numbers gives it a real graphic feel. And the best part - they were each no more than $8.00/piece. So yes - very big deal (to me at least) as I think they are GORGEOUS!

We have a shelf that runs the perimeter of our living room and kitchen. I've been searching for a repetitive element to display along the shelf and I think this may be it!

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