Friday, June 18, 2010


When did mid-June get here?!? I wish I could say we've been too busy outside enjoying the sunshine, but unfortunately, the summer has gotten off to a cool start. It seems we have sun one day and freezing cold rain the next. Well, hopefully things will stabilize in both the weather and my posting! So here's a little overview in photos of what we've been up to...

Logan visited the dentist for the first time. He was so excited and took the entire experience very seriously. He was a little nervous to be by himself on 'the Chair' so he lied on top of me. When the dentist came in, however, he decided to be a really brave boy and sat by himself. Even daddy dinosaur got his teeth checked!

Next up was a little day trip to Squamish. We looked for eagles in Brackendale but were unsuccessful. The highlight of the trip for Logan was the bear proof garbage cans. He was so impressed that they had special handles and was scared that at any minute a bear was going to come by with something to throw away. Cutie! We ended our visit at Shannon Falls and then found ourselves in a three hour ferry wait to get home. Why do we live on an island again?!?

Hooray the Coho Salmon Release! This is our second time attending this annual event. What a wonderful experience for Logan. This year they had a little 'fishing pool' for the kids to catch salmon. On the backside of the fish it let you know the lifespan of your catch.

This month has also been filled with a lot of gardening, allergies (me), a stiff neck (me) and a cold (me)!! Also, a lot of sewing, designing and a brand new HUGE project on my plate which I will talk about soon. Stay tuned...

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