Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Dress Pattern!

I decided to try my hand at a sweet little reversible criss-cross dress for the Christmas craft fair this year. I found the pattern at a lovely shop on etsy called wink designs and am so happy to report that it made perfect sense, the pieces were drawn out accurately (have had some issues with pdf patterns in the past) and was so much fun to make. I appliqued some cut flowers to the front and left the edges raw to fray naturally for a soft look. The front main fabric is a linen cotton blend, and the inside is from the Heather Bailey Pop Garden collection. I'm really happy with the outcome.

I'm hoping to have eight of these dresses completed by the end of the month but we'll see. If I get half that amount, I'll be happy. So far, I've completed a dozen sock monkeys, made about two dozen pairs of earrings (they are so lovely) and am in the process of creating a pattern for the 'Bowen Bear'. I'm hoping to spend the upcoming week cutting and preparing so I can just dive in and start sewing by next weekend (oh please, please, please let this be the case).

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