Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Highlights

Well, September is upon us, the days are still sunny but with a definite crispness in the air and I'm looking forward to welcoming a new season. Funny, I know January is the beginning of the new year, but for some reason, September always seems more about fresh starts to me than the winter.

As I do every summer, I start to regret that I didn't do enough with Logan. Not enough beach visits, not enough walks, not enough swimming...and that is certainly true for this year. Not by choice, however, Logan has just really become a little home body and can get lost for hours in his own little imaginary world, playing with his dinosaurs (being a dinosaur) playing with is animals, cars etc. I've tried moving all these toys outside to show him how he can make them hide in the garden, the grass, behind big rocks...but slowly he moves them all back inside and continues his play.

So, to help ease my guiltiness that I've let this summer slip by without doing as much as I had hoped, I have picked out just a couple of my favourite highlights from the past two months (I guess is it is only eight weeks) and realize that we did pack quite a bit in. phew.

I never did make it to the market - too many other commitments, full days, and a broken sewing machine got in my way. I've decided to switch my focus this fall, to drumming up more design business and creating a series of Christmas cards to sell. But most of all, just focus on my's been a busy year!

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