Monday, April 19, 2010

Dinosaur Birthday Boy

After weeks of planning and picking up bits and pieces on my trips to town, the dinosaur birthday party went off without a hitch last Saturday. We had dino crafts, dino games, dino fruit platter (mini watermelons cut open to resemble broken eggs on a bed of shredded craft paper with fruit spilling out) dino balloons, banners, napkins plates...and the list goes on. It was so much fun (and work) to put together but the end result was so fantastic and the little birthday boy was over the moon!
 Dinosaur Presents
Dinosaur Hats made at the Dino Craft Station. Lots of fun stickers, pom poms, sparkles and colouring covered these cool party hats.
The Dinosaur Party Table - complete with volcano, T-Rex and a tower of rocky, chocolatey, jurassic boulders with ferocious dinosaurs standing guard.
Jurassic Sandwiches
Dino Egg Nest

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